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Patwardhans: Sword arm of the Peshwai Part 1 https://www.esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/PATWARDHANS-~-the-Sword-arm-of-the-Peshwai-1.aspx Patwardhans: Sword arm of the Peshwai Part 2 https://www.esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/PATWARDHANS-~-Sword-Arm-of-the-Peshwai-PART-2-1.aspx Patwardhans: Sword arm of the Peshwai Part 3 https://www.esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/PATWARDHANS-~-THE-SWORD-ARM-OF-THE-PESHWAI-PART-3-1.aspx Patwardhans: Sword arm of the Peshwai Part 4 https://www.esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/PATWARDHANS-~-SWORD-ARM-OF-THE-PESHWAI-~-PART-4-1.aspx

History of Miraj Killa

At the turn of first millennium,Miraj passed on to the Silaharas of Kolhapur when that house declared independence towards the close of the tenth century Jattiga II (C. 1000-1020 A.D.) the 4th ruler of this dynasty has been mentioned by his son Marasimha (C. 1050 to 1075 A..D.) his Miraj plates dated Saka 980 orContinue reading “History of Miraj Killa”

Brahmibhoot Parampujay Hari Bhat Baba Patwardhan- Mul Purush of the Patwardhans

Haribhat baba was born sometime in the year 1655 in a small hamlet known as Kotawade near Ratnagiri and close to Ganpatipule. His grandfather was the priest of the family of Sahasrabudhe who were residing in Kotwade. He practiced penance and worshipped lord Ganesh by taking “Durva juice” and achieved spiritual powers with the blessingsContinue reading “Brahmibhoot Parampujay Hari Bhat Baba Patwardhan- Mul Purush of the Patwardhans”


He was the eldest son of Shrimant Govind Hari Patwardhan. Govind Hari had four sons, namely: 1) Shrimant Gopalrao Raosaheb 2) Shrimant Wamanrao Balasaheb 3) Shrimant Pandurangrao Tatyasaheb 4) Shrimant Gangadharrao Balasaheb. Shrimant Gopalrao was born approximately in the year 1721-22. After Gopalrao ’s birth his father, in 1721 Shrimant Govind Hari received the PhadnisiContinue reading “SHRIMANT GOPALRAO GOVIND ALIAS RAOSAHEB PATWARDHAN”

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